Cocogreen consistently supports your farming operations year-on-year with the Vertically Integrated Supply Model; keeping you business secure into the future.

The only A-Z vertically integrated coir supplier

Cocogreen’s® 8 Step Business Model embodies a truly end-to-end and vertically integrated Supply Chain Model. When it comes to the production of coir pith (coco peat); Cocogreen® operates from plantation, through processing, to the marketing of its high purity substrates.

This makes us unique as a fully transparent and traceable brand, allows us to develop and manufacture to a higher standard of product specification.


The largest plantation operator in South Asia

Control over our own plantations is absolutely critical to our Sustainability Strategy - product quality, availability, reliability, product specification and competitiveness. With over 2000ha of established plantations, and strong investment in new plantations using only the most disease resistant, high yielding coconut trees; Cocogreen® is in a commanding position a a substrate producer with long term future-proofed supplies.