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Cocogreen® can supply either loose raw materials for growers who prefer to make custom mixes to suit their salad crops. This product is ideal for growers who do not have the facility or time to reconstitute/hydrate and would like a ready to use substrate. It is perfect for all horticultural applications from seed trays and propagation to soil conditioning.

These can be delivered in multiple formats – speak to our experts to discuss what format will work best for you.

Saladfusion™ F

  • Fine structure
  • Recommended for: Propagation - 1-4mm

Saladfusion™ FM

  • Fine-medium structure
  • Recommended for: Propagation - 1-5mm

Saladfusion™ M

  • Medium structure
  • Recommended for: Potting mixes - 2-5mm

Available Formats

Available in 4m³ ready-to-plant loose bales or 6m³ super big bales. Our loose coir substrates are available on short notice as they are held in stock at all times.

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