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Cocogreen® SaladFusion™ Growbags are our most popular product for the cultivation of salad crops cultivated in a glasshouse, greenhouse on any gutter type system. The product is shipped and compressed for ease-of setup, which reduces the amount of trucks needed on the road.

You can also incorporate our leading technologies, such as Moisture Control Technology® and Safeguard®for the optimal cultivation of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers or other salad crops. Our expert team and representatives will guide you on the right product for your system, environment and budget.

Degradable Bio Green Bags™ are also available for this range.


Saladfusion™ M

  • Medium structure
  • Recommended for: Very hot climates

Saladfusion™ O2

  • Medium structure
  • Recommended for: High WHC

Saladfusion™ MC

  • Medium-coarse structure
  • Recommended for: Balanced WHC & AFP

Saladfusion™ C

  • Coarse structure
  • Recommended for: Balanced high AFP

Saladfusion™ VC

  • Very coarse structure
  • Recommended for: Low WHC/high AFP

Best Fit For You

Our SaladFusion™ Growbags are proven globally as the highest performing, cost-effective and most easy to use product for the cultivation of salad produce. The products are simple to setup and grow, enabling modular control per 0.5-1.2m.

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