Why Use Coir Substrates?

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Coir substrate is an organic and naturally occurring product used mainly as a growing media or soilless substrate for horticultural applications. Derived from the external husk (mesocarp) of a coconut, it is an environmentally renewable product which was originally a bi-product of the coir fiber industry.

Cocogreen® has led the often termed “coco peat” industry and transformed this into coir substrates. Fully certified and traceable, our product offers guaranteed performance, consistent quality and low ionic content.



We have access to over 2000ha of mature established plantations, and invest using only the most disease resistant, high yielding coconut trees. Cocogreen® ensures continuity of supply, traceability and confidence to the buyer.

We are the only coir substrate manufacturer to be fully accredited in the quality and environmental areas of its business across all areas of the supply chain.

The Origins of Coir


Coconut products originate from the fruit of the coconut palm, Cocos Nucifera.  Cocos Nucifera is traditionally known as a source of coconut fruit (edible), coconut milk and coconut oils. In addition, the extraction of coir fibres can be used for the production of matting and netting, as well as a wide range of value-added products.

Cocogreen® coir substrates used what was previously a waste components of these industries and created new demand for a sustainable material.

Why Pick Cocogreen® Coir Substrates?

Cocogreen® is a multi-award winning, Anglo-Sri Lankan substrate group. We hold professionalism, integrity and a thirst for scientific innovation at the heart of everything that we do. In order to keep all of our processes in-house, we continue to recruit and invest in only the best team members.

At Cocogreen®, we have created a pioneering substrate innovator and trend setter. For more than a decade, our products have disrupted the traditional potting soil and growing media industries across the globe.

We offer crop specific product ranges , including BerryFusion™, SaladFusion™ & TreeFusion™.

Our products are available in a variety of formats including Growbags, Growslabs and loose/bulk material, as well as bricks, blocks & discs and PopUp™ bags.

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