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At Cocogreen®, we lead the industry in terms of our social impact and mobility. We received and maintain the SA8000 standard, which is one of the world’s first auditable social certification standards of fair treatment for workers. We are ethically responsible at our core, and do not believe in accepting poor working conditions in exchange for profit. This is simply not acceptable and unsustainable.

We have continued to ensure that our team members across the world are provided the highest quality of social compliance – leading the industry to develop in a sustainable and responsible way.

We share our profits amongst our workers, enabling them to live a more privileged life and allowing them to focus on doing their best in the workplace

The growing trend for social accountability in retailer sourcing has implications for the immediate and wider supply chain.

Pre-empting this shift, Cocogreen® is the only substrate company to gain accreditation of the Social Accountability Standard SA8000 across its full supply chain.

SA8000 measures social compliance with elements including child labour, discrimination, working hours and remuneration.


Our social standards don’t just stop within the workplace. We are passionate about charity work and have taken on a range of projects to help communities in which we operate.

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