Cocogreen® is the world’s leading and most reliable coir substrate brand for edible crops. Specifically engineered for the intensive cultivation of berries, MMJ, salads and fruit trees, our products are scientifically proven to increase yield of fresh produce, while improving its overall quality and taste.

At Cocogreen®, we are renowned for setting the standards in sustainable and traceable growing media substrates. But don’t just take our word for it – we were the first coir substrate business to gain independent accreditation for sustainability, social mobility and quality assurance.

For a decade, we have enabled farmers from across the world to move away from traditional field grown crops, into a new era of hi-tech, sustainable farming. By combining our pioneering planting substrate and growing technologies, Cocogreen® assures the consistent high-quality of your produce – right from the roots to the fruits.

What is COCO COIR?

If what we do – COIR SUBSTRATES – sounds like a mouthful, it translates as: a wide range of sustainable products, derived from coconut husks which aids the cultivation of edible and sensitive crops.

Coconut coir substrate is an environmentally safe and effective alternative to peat moss and soil. Cocogreen® manipulates this raw material, using a variety of advanced processes, to tailor solutions based on plant type or plant life stage.  We are experts and innovators of this science and control all stages of the production, from plantation to final product.


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