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The Future of Substrate Technology


Safeguard® is the next generation of crop protection within substrates, which provides you with assurance on your crop’s performance. Safeguard® range of treatment options is tailored to suit all crop stages and budgets, offering growers and propagators cost-benefit options to suit their specific circumstances.

Safeguard® and Safeguard+™ use advanced biotechnology & chemistry only achievable from Cocogreen®, thanks to our control of the full supply chain from plantation to delivery.  These advanced options add an extra layer of defence against root and airborne pathogens, as well as enabling an inert medium to plant even the most delicate crops into.

None Buffered Range

Buffered Range

Future of Agri-Tech

The best coir for delicate applications

For growers seeking the lowest possible ionic content, as well as extra biological protection. Safeguard + ™ enables absolute confidence to a grower, as it is organic and renewable, as well as technically advanced and stable.

Washed naturally with rainwater

Within the coco peat industry, the raw material is washed naturally with rainwater leading to varied EC, which fully depends on the rainfall. This can categorise the material as unwashed on delivery.

Cocogreen® washed material is different. We use enclosed tanks and facilities to wash our substrate mechanically, with water from sources where chemical properties are constant. That means year-on-year chemical properties are consistent.

Washed mechanically multiple times

Washed + ™ by Cocogreen® uses a selection of raw materials from our plantations that offer greater stability. This is then washed multiple times within enclosed tanks and is well suited to growers wishing to buffer the product at receipt.

Ideal for the potting on of tray plants

An almost inert medium that is commercially viable and attractive to be used in certain potting on applications, without risking chemical properties. Contact us to find out more.

An advanced inert coir substrate

Safeguard® is not just a buffered product, it is also the benchmark of chemical and biological properties in the substrate sector.

Propagators and growers of delicate crop types have, for many years, depended and relied on Safeguard® to provide a blank canvas for nutrition management and formulation. This has led to the removal of ionic barriers and ultimately higher yields.

Raw material processed and packed into the final format

Standard within much of the “coco peat” industry. Unreliable chemical properties and likely to release Na very fast causing plant stress. However, suitable for some applications – get in touch for advice.

A delicate choice


For applications that are delicate, Safeguard® results in the avoidance of tip burn and resulting loss of quality and yield for the substrate grown crop.  We are experts in advising on the Safeguard® Product to fit your needs and budgets – contact us for advice today.

Cocogreen® has pioneered the advancement in coir substrate technology resulting in the Safeguard®, which concentrates on reducing ionic content. It also advances the biology of the substrate, leading to significant extra crop protection against airborne pathogens.

Organic Certified Safeguard



For organic growers, Safeguard Organic delivers the lowest ionic content, with full certification to enable the sale of produce that is sold into the USA and Europe.

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