Moisture Control Technology

Our innovative production techniques allow for precise substrate moisture control. Top to bottom.

To optimise yield and quality, growers worldwide aim to develop a fine, white healthy root zone in up to 100% of the growing media - whether it be coir, peat or stonewool

Cocogreen’s® Moisture Control Technology, in combination with additives, enables growers to realise this ambition. Capillary action ensures good moisture distribution throughout the substrate, from the base to the top of the container / bag.

This promotes healthy strong root development throughout the substrate while minimising root disease.

New possibilities for your roots

Using our specialised production technology, water is redistributed in-between irrigation cycles, from the bottom of the substrate towards the top.

Moisture Control Technology™ is available as standard in all of our ready - to - use range of products (Pop Up™ pots, growbags, grow slabs and propogation products). It is used in all speciality blends for each of our individual crop types.

Launch our Product Selector, to find a format; featuring Moisture Control Technology™ that will fit your cultivation methods and system.

Coir products are not all the same

Coir substrate producers do not all manufacture substrates to the same specification and quality standards, so performance can be variable. Products can vary greatly in their water holding capacity (WHC) and air filled porosity (AFP) − If these fall short there is a real risk of root disease in the bottom “wet layer”.

For the modern and professional grower, a new layer of control and evantual productivity is achievable using Cocogreen® products featuring Moisture Control Technology™.