With an exponential population growing and limited resources by 2050 humans will need up to 2x more food and 1/2 of the resources. Cocogreen is a key player to meet this challenge.

Our core challenge

How are we going to produce more high-quality food with increasingly limited resources? At the same time, how will we feed an increasing global population in the future? Consumers are also becoming increasingly aware of these issues and are opting for quality produce that not only tastes good, but is affordable and sustainably grown.

Rising population, food shortage, resource scarcity and sustainable crop production

By 2050, the world population is set to double; yet the resources and increase in agricultural production is not increasing at the same rate. With limited land availability, and increased value of land globally, growers face the challenge to produce more with less.

By growing in a semi - protected or protected environment; users of Cocogreen® substrates can potentially treble yield, and significantly improve produce quality. Our product provides a major assistance to overcome this Key Human Challenge, particularly in regions where resources and land are limited.

Cocogreen® Sustainability Strategy

  • Water
  • Land
  • Energy
  • Nutrients
  • Toxicity

Less Water


Agricultural irrigation accounts for 66% of total annual global water use. The World Water Council estimates the world will require 17% more water than is available now to meet all its needs in 2020. Cocogreen® can play a key role to help clients reduce water use and maximise productivity.

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Water and nutrient consumption per kg of fresh produce, is considerably lower in Cocogreen®coir based growing substrate; than when using alternative high-energy produced, or carbon emitting growing media. Within Cocogreen® coir based growing substrates there is significantly less wastage than field growing.

A > Z Sustainability

Retailers increasingly demand full end - to - end transparency and auditability. When using a coir based substrate; Cocogreen® is the first and remains the only, coir supplier that can offer such transparency to growers. We control a fully certified A-Z production model from coconut plantation to delivery of our Cocogreen® substrates.
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