Get Greener with these Recycling Tips!

Cocogreen stand by a key part of their name and ensure that all of our team and offices are ensuring to stay green and recycle!

With many people still currently working from home, here is some handy tips for working from your personal office:

1) Set yourself up with a system! Have labelled #reusable containers next to your bin in your house so that when you come to throw something away you and the family can remember to separate your items. Keep a space in your cupboard so you can recycle as you are cooking or cleaning.

2) When recycling your envelopes or boxes ensure that any plastic windows are removed before placing in the paper & cardboard bin.

3) If you are unsure what you can #recycle. Check your local council’s website to find out what specific things you can recycle in your area.

4) Whilst working from home, try to reduce the amount you print out. Can something stay as a digital file? If so then help to reduce paper use which you can carry on once you return to the office!

5) Help your local #recycling centre by keeping down foul odours, by washing food waste off of any food containers before they go in the recycle bin.

Remember to think green!

#sustainability #environment #globalrecyclingday #greenerfuture

18th March 2021

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